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Here is where you can learn about Chymerian plans and minerals.

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wild berries

bush grown berries, which one can eat or apply to wounds to help heal.

taste: sour

edible: yes

use: wound remedy

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gapple fruit chy.png


A common Juicy fruit often found in forest worlds. grown and picked from chompple trees.

taste: sweet, watery

edible: yes

use: food

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painter fungi.png

Staining pop

Fungi containing a paint-like substance which come in numerous color varieties.

taste: tasteless

edible: no

use: painting, markings, dying items.

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chymeria zipzap flower.png

lightening flower

Bolt-shaped flowers containing high chemical-energy, they eaten it grants an extreme energy boost.

taste: bitter

edible: yes

use: energy boost

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ironite ore chy.png

Ironite Ore

A Relatively common metal found not to far in underground caverns.

rarity: common

use: armor and weapons, structures