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What is Chymeria?

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Chymeria is a web comic series aimed towards a 13+ audience, about these chimera-inspired creatures known as chymeria. We follow our many protagonists in their exploring endeavors as wander teams; a force who partake in quests to help those in need! Along their journey they'll uncover great mysteries, overcome many trials, and fend against the worst threats out there!

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Amazing creatures of various shapes and sizes, who can fuse with one another! They use the force of glow to fuel their awesome powers!

Wander teams

teams of brave chymeria who take on daunting tasks to help others! hunting for bountiful treasure in dungeons, and fighting fearsome threats!


Cryptic and creepy labyrinths littered with monsters, and traps. Those who dare entered their maw may have sealed their own fate. But not all is doom and gloom, as what lies within a dungeon's depths are valuable and plentiful treasure galore for those strong and brave enough to escape it's belly with their lives. Where do they come from, and why do they exist? no know knows the truth behind this.

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Alpha-based hierarchy

Chymeria are tough and competitive creatures, it seems the natural law of survival-of-the-fittest applies to their daily lives. Chymeria usually compete with one another to gain the respect and admiration of others. Respect and admiration determines a chymeria’s status and power.

Trading and Reputation

In the chymerian world there exist no currency, instead chymeria would trade their goods for others, or help each other for their good deeds. A chymeria’s reputation determines how others may treat them, one must earn the respect of others. On the other hand, chymeria would also exchange treasure amongst each other. Treasure could be materials, food, medicine, or anything.

Two ways of life

Feral-chymeria fend for themselves in the wilderness and lack speech. Folk-chymeria are more civil and tend to live and work together in tribes or villages.

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Mother and the birth of chymeria

It was said that long ago, creatures of different kinds lived separately in their own realms, This was the natural law.

Until one fateful day...

many creatures fought to oppose the law which kept each other apart.

They believed that all creatures should share the beauty of their worlds. And in this effort the one known as "Mother" came to be. The first chymeria, and the symbol of their coexistence.

This sparked the beginning of the Chymerian Era.

The Five Kingdoms

The chymerian world is divided into five kingdoms. The lush forest, and vast fields of the Gaiara kingdom. The freezing snow lands of the Snowbra kingdom. The blazing hot lava lands of the Volcanin kingdom. The sky breaching mountains of the Aetheria Kingdom. And the Deep and vast seas of the Oceania kingdom.