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About Chymeria

What is chymeria?

A series aimed towards a +13 audience

The series is about an untamed world ruled by fantastical beasts known as chymeria; gifted with the ability to fuse. wanderers are brave chymeria -who step up to take on the most daunting of tasks, seeking treasure, hunting bounties, and rescuing the lost.

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Amazing creatures which come in different shapes and sizes, with unique abilities. They can fuse and become powerful chybrids to fight off the greatest of threats, and tackle the greatest of tasks!


The combined product of two chymeria.


A spiritual energy which resonates from the planet. Glow is the very life essence of all living things in the chymerian world. It fuels one's abilities.


These are devious chybrids who kill and absorb the DNA of other chymeria to become the most powerful. Becoming an abominations of their sins, They are as powerful, unpredictable, and cunning as they are deadly. Feral chybrids are most prone to this behavior due to lack of morals. These devourers range from rather harmless rookies to catastrophic level threats if left unchecked.


Cryptic and creepy labyrinths littered with monsters, and traps. Those who dare entered their maw may have sealed their own fate. But not all is doom and gloom, as what lies within a dungeon's depths are valuable and plentiful treasure galore for those strong and brave enough to escape it's belly with their lives. Where do they come from, and why do they exist? no know knows the truth behind this.

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Chymerian Life 

Chymeria will sometimes live together; hunting, working, fighting, and living within a pack or village.

However, chymeria are quite competitive, and only those who've asserted their dominance shall reign supreme; as is natural order.

Wander Taverns

are small settlements who specialize in aiding explorers on their adventuring endeavors. A group of fleet footed chymeria can come here to register themselves as official wander teams.

This means that other chymeria will recognize them, and send out request for their help! These taverns keep track of each team's ranks and reputation, the higher the rank the more likely a team could be chosen and rewarded handsomer.

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It was said that long ago, creatures of different kinds lived separately in their own realms, This was the natural law.

Until one fateful day...

For many creatures fought to oppose the law which kept each other apart.

They believed that all creatures should share the beauty of their worlds. And in this effort the one known as "Mother" came to be. The first chymeria, and their symbol of their coexistence.

This sparked the beginning of the Chymerian Era.