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About Chymeria

What is chymeria?

A series aimed towards a +13 audience

The series is about an untamed world ruled by fantastical beasts known as chymeria; gifted with the ability to fuse. wanderers are brave chymeria -who step up to take on the most daunting of tasks, seeking treasure, hunting bounties, and rescuing the lost.

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Amazing creatures with unique abilities, and the awesome gift to fusion; becoming powerful chybrids to fight off the greatest of threats, and tackle the greatest of tasks!



the life force of the world. glow fuels a chymeria's abilities.

Glow shards are physical manifestations of glow, and consuming it will strengthen one's abilities.


dangerous predatory creatures embodiments of destruction, consuming the glow from all living things. only fusion chybrids have the power to stop them!

Guardian crystals

Large entities flowing with glow energy. these generate a barrier; which repels the devourers. however they require glow shards to fuel their barriers; which are only found n dungeons. 


dangerous labyrinths filled with treasure, trials, traps, and powerful monsters. wanderers specialize in venturing their depths.

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Guilds& wander teams 

Aside from regular village jobs, guilds are groups of chymeria striving for a collective goal. guilds up bring wander teams; which are a small group of brave chymeria seeking adventure, and treasure ;whiles taking on the most daunting tasks. once a wander team reaches boss rank, they will branch off becoming their own guild.


prestige's given to wander teams; whom of which passed certain milestones; thus granting them higher privilege's and respect in a guild.


In the wilderness these larger packs of feral chymeria thrive alongside the extremes of their habitats.

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Many tales say that chymeria were created by a mysterious being, commonly known as "mother"